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The best kind of beautiful.

I’ve always been more of an Audrey Hepburn girl myself, but in the past year or so I have been watching a lot of old movies, including some Marilyn films. If there is one thing that girl could do, it was nail the “having fun while being undeniably gorgeous and flirty” thing. I came across this photo set through a friend’s pinterest post and couldn’t resist posting. Between the pattern, the lighting, and her incredible way of working the camera… they are truly amazing.


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Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Hello lovelies!

In the middle of an intense, stressful week, this video is the perfect jovial break. Reciting the adorable Dr. Suess book  Oh, the Places You’ll Go!  at Burning Man last year. A bunch of hilarious characters that make you forget for a second that there’s a deadline at 3 and you are watching a bunch of adults reenact a children’s book.

Watch it.


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Happy Champagne Thursday!

[via Kate Spade’s amazing instagram feed]

Happy Champagne Thursday lovelies!

Welcome (most of us) back to working and getting back into our usual routines. Cheers to almost making it to the first weekend of 2012 and it’s actually nice and sunny outside today in Portland, even though it is quite chilly.


P.S. Saw the photo above on Kate Spade’s Instagram (also on their tumblr here) and loved it. We all know it’s an award I’d probably win… especially if bubbly is in attendance! They have a great feed though if you don’t follow them yet, check it out!

The Color of Style

For quite awhile now I have been drawn to J Crew’s styling like a moth to a brightly colored, layery, sometimes-sequined-flame. It’s also not unknown that Jenna Lyons is behind most of the gorgeous styling and design over there. They started “Jenna’s Picks” awhile back (which I have even reblogged on here a few times) and it started a cult following of not only her closet and covetable items, but the designer herself.

Her style is such a smart mix of high-to-low, as well as just wearable items that make you feel gorgeous in your own skin. I remember seeing her at the Kimberly Ovitz show in New York last Spring and seeing first hand what a presence she has, and yet, how effortless it really was.

New York Mag did a great article on her for their Fall issue, and you can find it online here. A great read about her journey with J Crew, and I can’t even handle how cute her little man is! When big companies can start to feel cold and corporate, she is a breath of fresh air as a face of the brand. Check it out!

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New addition

I have always been a fan of the brand Noir, but have never purchased anything from them. The other day, they popped up on Gilt (which they do from time to time), but for once there was something in the selection that caught my eye. It was the single giant stud bracelet in red. Usually I feel like the stuff I lust for never shows up on those sites, so I figured I’d give it a chance. I’m thinking I’m a fan, mainly because everyone aroudn the office can only think of the word “crazy” to describe it (usually a good sign around here)…

What do you lovelies think???

[Ps. The other bracelets are (in order from left) from Chicago boutique in Wicker Park, Joomi Lin from Opening Ceremony, Madewell, and Kate Spade]

Because it is hilarious…

Nothing else to say, Happy Monday lovelies.




I am so in love with my new bracelet that the boy brought home for me from New York. He found it at Opening Ceremony and I couldn’t’ love it more. I had to snap a quick photo this morning to show it off! It’s an artist out of Chelsea named Joomi Lin, and apparently she has a whole line they carry at the store. I can’t get over how it feels so dainty and so aggressive at the same time, the perfect balance.


I have fun updates from my own tip to New York and the life-changing visit to see McQueen later this week, so stay tuned!

NYC here I come!


With so much going on this week, I’ll be lucky if I make it out with my head on straight. Saturday is D’s birthday, and I’m on the 6:35am flight out Sunday morning to NYC. Luckily, the big plans for his birthday this year involve cold beer, flotation devices and sunshine on the Sandy River. I’m so excited. I found him the best present this year thanks to a tip from Miss Sara, and went on a secret mission to get it. I can’t wait until I give it to him so I can show you all the photos!

I also have a bachelorette party to plan with some dear friends for the Saturday I get back. If anyone knows of a fun place to get party supplies in NYC, please let me know! I’d love some fun unique stuff to bring back for the occasion. That goes for any fun places that you love in the big apple, as this trip will be a little looser than some in the past and I might be able to explore a bit more. Fire away with some of your favorite spots I should check out!

So time to start packing, get the camera ready, and find an air pump! SO much to do!


Target vs. Dolce Vita now?

How far will Target actually go in the knockoff game? I feel like they are the ne Canal Street and if you are eyeing designer goods you can just wait a season (most times less) and it will show up nationwide. As a designer (and might I still add, a fairly broke designer), I have a huge problem with carbon-copy design. It isn’t design at all. I’m all for beautiful design at an attainable price, because trust me we all need that, but carbon-copying other designers is not how that works.

Case in Point: Target’s “Pilar Strappy Wedge Sandals” vs. Dolce Vita’s “Pali Caged Wedge Sandal”

On their site. (I saw these in the store two weekends ago which freaked me out a bit obviously)

The Dolce Vita version as shown on Urban Outfitter’s site.

I know that Dolce Vita did a collaboration with Target, but this is listed as a product under the Mossimo label. Maybe a misunderstanding? Improper labeling? Or did they really directly rip-off a product of a current collaborator?

Can anyone shed some light on this, or am I just missing something??

Ps. If you want the real thing for less, check out Gilt today where they have the same dark brown, and the tan for $42. If you need an invite, follow this link.

New Favorite

My new favorite website… 

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