Target vs. Dolce Vita now?

How far will Target actually go in the knockoff game? I feel like they are the ne Canal Street and if you are eyeing designer goods you can just wait a season (most times less) and it will show up nationwide. As a designer (and might I still add, a fairly broke designer), I have a huge problem with carbon-copy design. It isn’t design at all. I’m all for beautiful design at an attainable price, because trust me we all need that, but carbon-copying other designers is not how that works.

Case in Point: Target’s “Pilar Strappy Wedge Sandals” vs. Dolce Vita’s “Pali Caged Wedge Sandal”

On their site. (I saw these in the store two weekends ago which freaked me out a bit obviously)

The Dolce Vita version as shown on Urban Outfitter’s site.

I know that Dolce Vita did a collaboration with Target, but this is listed as a product under the Mossimo label. Maybe a misunderstanding? Improper labeling? Or did they really directly rip-off a product of a current collaborator?

Can anyone shed some light on this, or am I just missing something??

Ps. If you want the real thing for less, check out Gilt today where they have the same dark brown, and the tan for $42. If you need an invite, follow this link.


2 responses to “Target vs. Dolce Vita now?

  1. Who came first? I only ask, because UO is known for being a copy-cat themselves (refer to the I Heart jewelry collection). And if it’s Mossimo/Target’s doing, shame on them, is it that hard to make honest work anymore?

    Nonetheless, people need to look up the word “original” again, and evaluate the work they’re putting out into the world. That goes for all types of designers, musicians, filmmakers. Everything is beginning to look/sound the same… what sort of fun is that?

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