NYC here I come!


With so much going on this week, I’ll be lucky if I make it out with my head on straight. Saturday is D’s birthday, and I’m on the 6:35am flight out Sunday morning to NYC. Luckily, the big plans for his birthday this year involve cold beer, flotation devices and sunshine on the Sandy River. I’m so excited. I found him the best present this year thanks to a tip from Miss Sara, and went on a secret mission to get it. I can’t wait until I give it to him so I can show you all the photos!

I also have a bachelorette party to plan with some dear friends for the Saturday I get back. If anyone knows of a fun place to get party supplies in NYC, please let me know! I’d love some fun unique stuff to bring back for the occasion. That goes for any fun places that you love in the big apple, as this trip will be a little looser than some in the past and I might be able to explore a bit more. Fire away with some of your favorite spots I should check out!

So time to start packing, get the camera ready, and find an air pump! SO much to do!



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