The Color of Style

For quite awhile now I have been drawn to J Crew’s styling like a moth to a brightly colored, layery, sometimes-sequined-flame. It’s also not unknown that Jenna Lyons is behind most of the gorgeous styling and design over there. They started “Jenna’s Picks” awhile back (which I have even reblogged on here a few times) and it started a cult following of not only her closet and covetable items, but the designer herself.

Her style is such a smart mix of high-to-low, as well as just wearable items that make you feel gorgeous in your own skin. I remember seeing her at the Kimberly Ovitz show in New York last Spring and seeing first hand what a presence she has, and yet, how effortless it really was.

New York Mag did a great article on her for their Fall issue, and you can find it online here. A great read about her journey with J Crew, and I can’t even handle how cute her little man is! When big companies can start to feel cold and corporate, she is a breath of fresh air as a face of the brand. Check it out!

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One response to “The Color of Style

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