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The Sunshine State

As soon as I got to New York I was back on a plane headed to LA for the month of July. For a month I shacked up in a little loft in Venice beach and worked from our LA office. It was incredible weather and lots of fun times with some new pals. I even got to pop down to Long Beach and see a good friend and his pups that I haven’t seen since they lived in Portland! I made new doggy friends along the way including the amazing little Kate Moss, and am excited for my next trip back there now that I have some fun people to visit.

There’s nothing like moving an Oregon girl by the beach for month to break her into a new gig!

That Time I Went To Nashville…

This past weekend I had the amazing experience of joining one of my oldest friends for her Bachelorette party out in Nashville, TN. It was by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made. We had a blast dancing the night away in the evenings at the honky-tonks and explored the city/nearby areas during the day. Everyone was so nice and helpful, and always willing to share some history/stories about whatever you were looking at (even the Men’s restroom!).

I hope to go back someday, and I recommend it to anyone who gets the chance. It was also great to get a little bit of Grants Pass love in there when I met up with the lovely Brianne in between her deadlines! If you haven’t seen her fantastic music blog, check it out here.

1. Tootsies was fantastic, even the one in the airport had live music!
2. Six green hats and one Pink one for the Bride-to-Be.
3. Little Jimmy DIckens opening the show at The Grand Ole Opry.
4. The beautiful Carnton Plantation (there was a wedding happening when we were there!).
5.  The incredible Art Deco Men’s room at the Oak Bar (thanks to Dale for making sure the coast was clear and giving us a tour with all of the history!).
6. Neon in Nashville is one of my favorite things. SOmething about neon cowgirls is so classic.
7. Coyote Ugly. 
8. Bloody Mary’s at the Hard Rock. 

New York in Pictures

Last week I took my first actual personal trip since I started at my job (which will be 5 years next month!). I’ve gone on a weekend somewhere, and as you have seen here I have gone tons of places through my job (I am a very lucky girl in that respect), but never just to go explore for myself. So where did I go? A tropical beach to relax? Maybe ancient ruins to explore? Nope, of course I went back to my beloved New York CIty to see the things I never have the time to while I am there on business!

It was a fantastic trip seeing old friends, exploring new neighborhoods (hello Williamsburg), and doing some of the most touristy things possible. There’s something about wandering around New York by yourself with nowhere pressing to be and not having to worry about dragging people along for the ride that is extremely liberating.

Clothing Warehouse

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a vintage shop that was as well curated as Clothing Warehouse, without being over-priced. They had a well edited selection, and things in various budgets. I randomly stumbled upon them while killing time down in SoHo on my last day in NYC last trip, and thank goodness! I only came out with a fun new ring and some suspenders for the boyfriend, but so very cute!



NYC is the place to be!

Whether it was street art, the guy selling bubble-guns on the street, or the people I met, NYC was a great experience. Next time I hope to hit those things I had on my to do list, yet missed, but until next time, I’m still exhausted!


I’m headed to NYC for the first time on Tuesday morning. A little sad not to be taking along my New York buddy… but maybe he’ll surprise me & get to come through work as well! I’ll keep my fingers crossed 🙂 He sent me this link with a slew of gorgeous old photos earlier (including this one)… I can’t wait!