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That Time I Went To Nashville…

This past weekend I had the amazing experience of joining one of my oldest friends for her Bachelorette party out in Nashville, TN. It was by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made. We had a blast dancing the night away in the evenings at the honky-tonks and explored the city/nearby areas during the day. Everyone was so nice and helpful, and always willing to share some history/stories about whatever you were looking at (even the Men’s restroom!).

I hope to go back someday, and I recommend it to anyone who gets the chance. It was also great to get a little bit of Grants Pass love in there when I met up with the lovely Brianne in between her deadlines! If you haven’t seen her fantastic music blog, check it out here.

1. Tootsies was fantastic, even the one in the airport had live music!
2. Six green hats and one Pink one for the Bride-to-Be.
3. Little Jimmy DIckens opening the show at The Grand Ole Opry.
4. The beautiful Carnton Plantation (there was a wedding happening when we were there!).
5.  The incredible Art Deco Men’s room at the Oak Bar (thanks to Dale for making sure the coast was clear and giving us a tour with all of the history!).
6. Neon in Nashville is one of my favorite things. SOmething about neon cowgirls is so classic.
7. Coyote Ugly. 
8. Bloody Mary’s at the Hard Rock. 

Halloween Memories 2009

This year I had some pretty good memories from Halloween. Here are some of the highlights from 2009:

Going out as Don & Betty Draper for an evening. And boy, does Darrin make a good Don 😉

Walking up to the bar to see a girl raving about her proposal that had just taken place. I sure hope she remembers it…

My fake chest tattoo.

“Marking” my man as they would say on Mad Men.

The great costume swap of 2009.

And one very excited tele-tubby!


So my glorious prior roomies threw a great party on Friday night that they decorated so adorable, had to share! They though of every last detail from the witches’ brew, to Bloody Mary in lipstick on the bathroom mirror. Pretty fun!

Our adorable hostesses (Robin Hood & the sexy clown!)

The handmade bat trail leading through the house!
Bats were hidden everywhere!

Cute pumpkins under the counters even!
Very cute decorating though, even entering through a forest of streamers! One of the many reasons I love having crafty, creative friends! What a fun night it was as well, gt us ready to go for real Halloween the next night for sure!
[black & White photos courtesy of Miss Emily]