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Thursday Words…

s we continue our house hunting, I keep thinking about the type of space I want us to have. A big part of that includes finally having some studio space in the house. Every time I post Thursday words on here I think about how amazing it would be to have a space where I could start to arrange my selections as inspiration as I work on my own projects. Hopefully soon it’ll be a reality!

More and more I am learning the importance of not only doing my own projects outside of work, but in creating a fantastic environment to do it in.  There’s something about that mini sanctuary you create for yourself so that you have somewhere to escape. I can’t wait to build mine… I’ve  been collecting the perfect pieces to fill it with!


Tuesday words…

I usually do what I llike to call “Thursday Words” because I am in need of a little boost or inspiration by that point in the week, but given that I missed last Thursday, and the sad event today of Maurice Sendak’s passing, I decided to make an exception.

RIP Mr. Sendak, you inspired our generation to know stories that weren’t just about princesses, and that it was ok.

Thursday words.

Happy Thursday lovelies. What a roller coaster of a week this has been. The good news is that it’s champagne Thursday and the weekend is oh-so-close. Soak it up and enjoy it.


[Image via Soul Hunting]