Nordstrom Designer Preview

Last Thursday, March 1st, I had the chance to attend the Spring 2012 Designer Preview put on by Nordstrom. It was held at the Portland Art Museum and was a surprisingly good time. It was another fashion show that was showcasing the current season, not the upcoming one, followed by a shopping event where you had the chance to purchase the items you saw on the runway. Needless to say I wasn’t scribbling down as many notes about what I planned on purchasing as some of the women in the front row…

The shopping event afterwards had anything from clothes, to shoes, to accessories, and even a greta selection of designers they didn’t feature in the show but carried in the store. There were also some delightful cocktails circling around (including a full champagne bar!). As you can see below, I was also obsessed with their amazing light box tables.

Thursday words.

Happy Thursday lovelies. What a roller coaster of a week this has been. The good news is that it’s champagne Thursday and the weekend is oh-so-close. Soak it up and enjoy it.


[Image via Soul Hunting] 

Stella McCartney FW12

I couldn’t help but post about this show from this morning in Paris. The material, the color, the details… I just feel like every aspect of the collection is dialed perfectly in tune, and I want to wear it all.

Last weekend there was a fantastic article on Stella and her path in the industry in the New York Times Magazine that you can find here. A great read!

Images via Stylesight

New York, my love.

The love affair continues, one trip at a time. A few shots from the trip I just got back from.

Get Sexy, Sing Karaoke

Yet another fun event I’ll be missing while I’m out of town, and if you are here you really have to go! We all know I love myself some Solestruck, and they throw a great party. They are bringing out the big guns in their new arrivals (read: Acne, See by Chloe, Opening Ceremony) and celebrating at their store on W Burnside in Portland.

Solestruck Flagship Store

Friday, February 10th 7-10pm

Did I also mention it’s a pop up with some amazing local jewelry artists? It is. The One Two Three and Product of Play will have their amazing goods there to shop (both amazing ladies that I adore!).

Go check it out if you don’t have plans Friday night, and if you do, reschedule.


PDX Collective Sale

I’m so jealous that the PDX Collective sale is happening while I’m gone! This sale shows to be pretty good every time, and is worth getting down there for. I have found quite a few lovely things in the past, not to mention I love any event hosted at The Cleaners because I just love the space.

Get down there this weekend and check it out!



I stumbled upon the new shots for J Crew Spring 2012 collection thanks to being tipped off by Glitter Guide in my inbox this morning. I love the range of color they are offering and that they work in such great scales together. You could just roll around in the store and come out looking adorable no matter what. Might be making a pit stop down there this weekend…


Warby Parker

I have tried on almost every pair of glasses in Portland it feels like. I have my go-to pair that I love, but they seem to always meet some terrible fate or another and get sent back to the doctor for weeks at a time. Lucky for me, the boy took pity on me and got me a Warby Parker gift card for Christmas! Unlucky for me however, they stopped having their mini showroom down at Lizard Lounge the day before I waltzed in to choose some frames.

Enter the 5 day home trial. They actually send you 5 pairs of whichever frames you pick to try on in your own time in your own home. Of course, this means you’ll have them delivered to work and proceed to ask everyone within a 100 yard radius which one they think is better, then everyone starts playing dress up with them at once…. oh wait, that’s just me? Oops.

My point being, it was great, handy, and as you’ll see below helped me pick out my new favorite glasses: The Roosevelt in Matte Black. They also have sunglasses and even monocles now… go check them out!

Did I mention each pair is only $95, including your Rx, and they donate a pair to a child in need when you buy a pair? As if you needed another excuse…

The final decision:

Girl’s Night!

Do you ever get to a point where you feel like you have been so crazy busy in your life you can’t even remember the last time you sat down with your girl (or guy) friends and just hung out? Well I got there, and apparently so did my girlfriends. I am lucky enough to have some amazing girls I went to college with that all keep in touch, even though things get so hectic with the day-to-day.

So what, might you ask, did we decide to do? An old-timey slumber party of course!  Only this one had wine. We painted our nails, watched chick flicks and gossiped/caught up (what’s the difference anymore?) until the wee hours of the morning. It was so much fun, and the best idea ever.

We even woke up (all sardined onto our air mattresses) to a little dusting of snow. Thanks again Alisa for having us out to your house, and to her hubby for disappearing for a night so we could take over!

P.S. Did I mention we hit Elmer’s the next morning for pancakes? Oh yes we did…

Snow Day

Last week we had an amazing night when it legitimately snowed (in Portland terms). Here we get really really excited for anything resembling snowflakes, so when it started to stick, and when it really started to thicken up, the whole city got giddy. The best part was that Pickles had never been in real snow before (read: again, we live in Portland). She couldn’t even handle herself, and with no traffic on Mississippi Ave she went crazy.

Pickles also decided that she wants to take up a part time job as snow plow. She kept stopping to eat the snow and was leaving a little trail behind her.

There was something so fun about all of these strangers showing up out in the street super late at night to play like kids in the snow… it was beautiful. In  the busy lives we all lead it felt so good to just stop and be silly (and to realize you weren’t the only ones doing it).