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Happy Friday!

A while back I had the chance to meet up with the adorable ladies of out in my neighborhood. They started a really great site around showcasing some of the great, interesting folks that call Portland home. I love what they’re doing, and it is a great way to see all of the amazing talents nestled into your own neighborhood!

Today my post showed up on their blog, so check it out (even Pickles has her own cameo!). I hope you all are having a great Friday and are ready for the weekend!


Give Good Gift

Last night I stopped by Union Pine to check out the Give Good Gift! : Holiday Pop Up opening night. It’s a two-day pop up shop consisting of local designers, brands and even bartenders. With Mulled wine and spiced cider flowing, it really felt like a cool warehouse party with the bonus of shopping. Some really nice Christmas gifts ranging from Solestruck shoes, to The Good Flock woolen goods, to One, Two, Three jewelry.

They are still going today until 3pm, so get down there if you can, it’s worth it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m so very thankful today for all of my friends, family, and wonderful people in my life (not to mention the furry little monster at my feet while i write this!). I’m such a lucky girl, and this time of year always makes me think of loved ones here, as well as those we’ve lost.

I’m snuggled up with the pup watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade before heading over to the Hovercraft Thanksgiving festivities a little later today. With the boy on a business trip for this holiday, they have taken me in and I couldn’t be more excited (especially with some of the twitpics they’ve been posting of the preparations!).

I hope you all are  having a great holiday, and remember: Loose fitting clothes are your friends today!


Ps. The above image is stolen from Color Collective, another color lover here in Portland! Check her out. I just loved this image and had to borrow it (you all know my obsession with those amazing giant round balloons!)


I have one thing to say this week: TGIF. And no, not the amazing TV lineup that I used to be addicted to (Step by Step, anyone?). What a crazy week! After a bunch of traveling I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things and have some personal time to play.

Two things I’m looking forward to this weekend:

1. Working on some personal projects. These have been piling up around the house (I should probably add clean the house to this list) and I can’t wait to have a minute to tackle them!

2. Working on a fun little goofy project with my bestie. I’ll post it here when we finish. I don’t collaborate as much as I should, and sometimes you just need to do something fun and sparkly to keep yourself sane… did I give too much away?

Happy Friday lovelies!


[I found the image above awhile back, but somehow it seems so relevant after this past week]

My weekend in snapshots

After a fun weekend, it’s time to get back to the grindstone before taking off on another trip on Sunday (did I tell you I’m leaving again?!). Here are a few shots from my weekend, hope you had a good one!

Bright Lights

Saturday night of Portland Fashion Week I snagged a few of my favorite ladies and we went down to catch the shows. Michael Costello was by far my favorite of the night with the dramatic necklines and material mixing. It was a great night all around if you don’t count the bathroom line.

Settling into Fall


So it’s official in Portland, as the rest of the country is getting Indian Summer, we are in full Fall mode. The rain, the grey, and the lack of daylight are here in full-force. As I have expressed (and always do this time of year), I couldn’t be happier. Time to break out the tights, boots and big chunky sweaters. I stole this photo from over on A Cup of Joe because it couldn’t sum up how I’m feeling right now any better.


I was hoping to catch up on posts over the weekend, but it got away with me with a last minute decision to go to Portland Fashion Week Saturday night, then the Wild Beasts show on Sunday at the Doug. Did I mention I tried out an amazing corn chowder recipe I had been eyeing for awhile? I did. It was delicious, and just what the weather called for.


Keep an eye out for posts from my travels soon, I’ll be good I swear.






After a long holiday weekend, I’m back at it and feeling inspired. What an amazing weekend it was too; Movies (at the theatre!), BBQs, Birthdays, and lots of hanging out with friends (which I haven’t done in way too long). I’m feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week.


I’m a little bummed I’m missing out on NYFW coming up. We had too many work deadlines and I have a wedding to go to, it just didn’t seem like the best decision. I’ll miss you New York, and all of your inspirations this week. Have fun everyone!



[Image found on my new favorite Tumblr Hedonistica, I am obsessed with the color combo]







Hello Lovelies!

I have spent the last 2 days here in DC with my wonderful aunt Teri, sightseeing, visiting museums and catching up. It being my first trip to our nation’s capitol, I had so much to take in and am still surprised at the amount we tackled!

The crochet Coral Reef at the Natural History Smithsonian Museum. (google this, it’s incredible what they did!)

Giant T-Rex head above me at the Natural History Smithsonian Museum.

Really great exhibit on the First Ladies of the United States at the American History Smithonian Museum.

Michelle Obamas Inaguration dress donated by Jason Wu himself!

Delicious Sangria at Jaleo, one of my new favorite restaurants on earth.

The National Cathedral as seen from the trolley window (with storm clouds rolling in on Easter Sunday).

Delightful little dessert in Georgetown at Leopold’s (I’d highly reccomend them as they have an incredible patio down some back stairs on the canal.

Disco the Sphinx (hairless!) who has been one of my many cuddle buddies at night this weekend!

One of the two kittens (Colby and Cheddar of course) that my aunt currently has at her house. They are BEYOND adorable.

Overall it has been a fantastic trip to DC, and I couldn’t have asked for better weather. Great food, great company, and amazing sights have been seen. Now it’s time to go pack back up and catch my train to Philly!



etc. market

On the first Saturday of each month, a group of designers I am friends with hosts a market of handmade, vintage and otherwise covetable items. Each month has a theme, and it has become a fun little gathering of creative minds and idle hands. I stopped by last month to finally check it out, and was so inspired I am trying to get some product ready for next month! Check out some of my images below from the market on April 2nd.

Lots of fun stuff and even cute snacks! Stop by next month on May 7th. See details below. It is located across the street from the Fred Meyer in NW on 20th at 206 NW 20th ave Portland 97209 and goes from 10-6. Check it out!