Warby Parker

I have tried on almost every pair of glasses in Portland it feels like. I have my go-to pair that I love, but they seem to always meet some terrible fate or another and get sent back to the doctor for weeks at a time. Lucky for me, the boy took pity on me and got me a Warby Parker gift card for Christmas! Unlucky for me however, they stopped having their mini showroom down at Lizard Lounge the day before I waltzed in to choose some frames.

Enter the 5 day home trial. They actually send you 5 pairs of whichever frames you pick to try on in your own time in your own home. Of course, this means you’ll have them delivered to work and proceed to ask everyone within a 100 yard radius which one they think is better, then everyone starts playing dress up with them at once…. oh wait, that’s just me? Oops.

My point being, it was great, handy, and as you’ll see below helped me pick out my new favorite glasses: The Roosevelt in Matte Black. They also have sunglasses and even monocles now… go check them out!

Did I mention each pair is only $95, including your Rx, and they donate a pair to a child in need when you buy a pair? As if you needed another excuse…

The final decision:


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