Girl’s Night!

Do you ever get to a point where you feel like you have been so crazy busy in your life you can’t even remember the last time you sat down with your girl (or guy) friends and just hung out? Well I got there, and apparently so did my girlfriends. I am lucky enough to have some amazing girls I went to college with that all keep in touch, even though things get so hectic with the day-to-day.

So what, might you ask, did we decide to do? An old-timey slumber party of course!  Only this one had wine. We painted our nails, watched chick flicks and gossiped/caught up (what’s the difference anymore?) until the wee hours of the morning. It was so much fun, and the best idea ever.

We even woke up (all sardined onto our air mattresses) to a little dusting of snow. Thanks again Alisa for having us out to your house, and to her hubby for disappearing for a night so we could take over!

P.S. Did I mention we hit Elmer’s the next morning for pancakes? Oh yes we did…


One response to “Girl’s Night!

  1. Such an epic weekend with you girls! Miss you all.

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