Snow Day

Last week we had an amazing night when it legitimately snowed (in Portland terms). Here we get really really excited for anything resembling snowflakes, so when it started to stick, and when it really started to thicken up, the whole city got giddy. The best part was that Pickles had never been in real snow before (read: again, we live in Portland). She couldn’t even handle herself, and with no traffic on Mississippi Ave she went crazy.

Pickles also decided that she wants to take up a part time job as snow plow. She kept stopping to eat the snow and was leaving a little trail behind her.

There was something so fun about all of these strangers showing up out in the street super late at night to play like kids in the snow… it was beautiful. In  the busy lives we all lead it felt so good to just stop and be silly (and to realize you weren’t the only ones doing it).

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