New lines hit Portland

Portland is stepping up the game on designers that you can now find here in town. I never was a huge Nordstrom girl… well, before now. Lately they have been picking up some new lines, including Proenza Schouler, Rachel Zoe, and more. What’s even better? The fact that they are hosting fun launch events with some of the new lines as they arrive. It’s great to be able to go somewhere local and see a pretty wide selection of one designer’s collection for the season, instead of just a piece or two. Plus, throw in cocktails and those insane cookies they bake on site? Done.

This past Saturday they held a Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler launch event for the Resort line. I must add, both had some of the best color I’ve seen in awhile. Let’s just say I was having dreams about the little shift dress (and those Chloe heels? Come on!) well after the fact.


They are also now carrying some of the fantastic new seasonal Proenza Schouler bags, with a wide range of colors and styles as well.  Even if it isn’t within your budget, it’s great to have somewhere in town to go and fall in love in person!

So if you haven’t been down there in awhile, go check it out. Not to mention that in this weather of snow flurries, downtown Portland is worth it just for the romantic sights!

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