Forgotten treasures

I tend to forget that Zara has made the world a tad bit better by now offering online shopping. Somehow I always just have to re-larn this fact when I see something featured in an item round-up or gift guide. So when I re-discovered them (again) I also realized how absurdly affordable some of their online goods are. I’m a big fan of Zara for their styles, color usage and overall quality… and at these prices? Sign me up!

When I first saw this bag in the brown I thought it was cute, but after clicking over to the alternate color option I was sold. That blue piping on the black? Love it.

Price you ask? $29.90! Go here to snatch it up and poke around a bit… such fun! Might I add their sale section has some good finds in it right now as well.


One response to “Forgotten treasures

  1. I literally just remembered that Zara has online shopping in my sleep last night. Kid you not, it was the first thing I googled this morning. That bag made me instantly think of you 🙂

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