Get inspired.

I’ve been working on a lot of projects lately that center around repurposing things that would otherwise be discarded. Whether extra bits of chain, an odd something found on the street or even re-dying my old clothing to give it a second chance, it’s something I have always done. Maybe it’s the thrifty person in me, or maybe I just love some of the things so much I hate to see them end their adventure so soon!

That being said, I found a fun new brand out of Brooklyn with a similar pastime. Check out KHEPRI and the gorgeous bags they are making. They are using materials that range from old US Flags and motorcycle jacket leather as straps, to old military tents and I just can’t get enough. They have that feeling of a bag at it’s perfect state of being loved to really be broken in and gorgeous.

Prices range from $150-625 based on the materials.

Hudson Weekender (Made from vintage Hudson blankets) $425

Herman Tote (Made from old Army tents) $150

The Ace (Made from vintage US Flag and Leather motorcycle jacket for straps) $225

Hedy Cabas, Snakeskin Trim (Completely re-purposed and recycled leathers) $625

It makes you take a second look at some of those old bags, trimmings, and scraps from old projects you have lying around the house now, doesn’t it?


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