Settling into Fall


So it’s official in Portland, as the rest of the country is getting Indian Summer, we are in full Fall mode. The rain, the grey, and the lack of daylight are here in full-force. As I have expressed (and always do this time of year), I couldn’t be happier. Time to break out the tights, boots and big chunky sweaters. I stole this photo from over on A Cup of Joe because it couldn’t sum up how I’m feeling right now any better.


I was hoping to catch up on posts over the weekend, but it got away with me with a last minute decision to go to Portland Fashion Week Saturday night, then the Wild Beasts show on Sunday at the Doug. Did I mention I tried out an amazing corn chowder recipe I had been eyeing for awhile? I did. It was delicious, and just what the weather called for.


Keep an eye out for posts from my travels soon, I’ll be good I swear.



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