From the Battlefield : Missoni for Target

So on September 13th, everyone had been waiting for the Missoni for Target line to drop. That day also happened to be my birthday, and what a great excuse that was to take the morning off and go wait in line for the collaboration. The lovely Kim (one of the biggest Missoni fans I know) was my partner in battle that morning. We decided to hit the Target that was least likely to have a huge crowd, and judging by the stories from other parts of town (rumor has it Cascade Station was picked clean in 30 minutes), we made the right choice.

So here is how our adventure went:

7:30am : We were third in line when we arrived. People are gradually starting to show up and inch their way in front of us by the door.


About 7:55am : 20-something girls have started to show up in masses, mostly in pairs. I’m quickly realizing I’m the only one in heels and getting nervous at how cut-throat people might get. You can see the entire women’s clothing set up directly inside the doors. People are discussing strategy and there are husband/wife teams getting serious. By this time twitter is coated with people talking about the crazy scenes in other parts of the country as women sprint through Target stores. What did we get ourselves into?


I decided to wait paitiently while this poor guy was unboxing and setting up the display for tights and socks. These little ladies were not so into it. Turns out there were only 4 pairs per size in each tight/color. It was interesting to see which colors/styles in the product people went for first. Obviously anything with the famous “zig-zag”  people freaked for.


Roughly 9am : Some areas of the store were left almost untouched. Due to the fact that everything went into it’s own specific area, just on end-caps, if you didn’t see the lookbook or commercial you could have completely missed stuff. This was also a 2 story Target, so taking shopping carts up and down elevators added more complication I think.


This location only got one bike and I don’t think anyone even knew it was there. If only I didn’t have an adorable bike, and was looking to drop an extra $399.99 I could have easily ridden that thing home (mainly because it wouldn’t fit in my car!)


9:15am : All-in-all a successful adventure. Other than a few interior decorator types who came in and wiped them out of every SKU in most of the towels/bedding, we both got most things on our wish list (and then some!). Somehow we got it all to fit into my tiny little car too!

Quite a few items didn’t make it to all stores (men’s ties for example) but I was impressed by the high quality of the garments themselves. Way better than I expected for sure. It has been really interesting watching the news unfold around the country of how nuts this really was. I dont’ think Target really expected it, and I’m interested to see what happens from here. Rumor has it Stella McCartney is next… 😉


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