I’m in love.

So I have to be honest for a moment (please don’t hate me), I’m not generally a handbag kind of girl. Shoes are definitely more my thing. So when I am truly struck by a bag… you know it’s a big deal. I feel like I have been searching far and wide for awhile now trying to find my bag soulmate, and I was starting to give up hope.


Then it happened.


I was browsing around on net-a-porter and there she was. I must say the PS1 had my attention form the begining. It has great design lines, amazing leathers, and the colors offered are beautiful. Even that though wasn’t quite enough to make me consider shelling out $1,595. Then I saw this beauty. Triple black… gorgeous leather… goes with anything… who could ask for more?


I’m in love.


Le sigh. SO if you don’t hear from me for awhile… it’s because I’m running a lemonade stand or some other side gig in order to get this lovely in my little mitts ASAP.


One response to “I’m in love.

  1. Nice! I think my fav part might be the buckle, lol.

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