It’s Friday!

{via GlitterGuide}


So sorry for the neglected blogosphere dear friends… It’s been crazy crazy crazy on this end (when is it not, I know). So on this awesome friday, I am determined to carve out a sliver of time this weekend to give this space a little love and reorganization.


I’m hosting a Bridal Shower tomorrow, along with the other lovely bridesmaids for Miss Andrea, and can’t wait to get off work and go buy all of the supplies! I can’t tell you what because she tends to peruse this sometimes… but maybe I’ll work a peek into the weekend on here. I’m also quite excited to really dig in on Sunday on some fun stuff for work coming up. It’s a packed time!


Did I mention I just booked a trip to go to New York in a little over a week? I couldn’t be more excited about it. Just when I was losing hope to see the McQueen exhibit before it came down, we got the green light to book. Just goes to show nothing in life is worth stressing that much over… because when you finally accept that it may not be meant to be, it works out if the cosmos have it in store for you.


So Happy Friday Lovelies… I hope you have amazing plans this weekend, and if not, make some. It’s that easy.



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