Shanghai Markets

My favorite thing about traveling is the city markets. You get to walk around and learn  little bit more about the place, as well as find goodies way better than any store! In Shanghai there were multiple markets focused on different things. The Antique Market great for little things and random antiques (that may or may not have actually been antique). The Night Market had all kinds of odd little clothing/beauty items including and entire booth for nail polish, that were new and cheap (anyone say sparkle hair accessories as far as the eye can see?). We also found a very “locals only” Bird and Insect Market. They had everything from baby turtles, to chinchillas, to bright colorful birds, to black squirrels. Yes, Black Squirrels.

It also started POURING the day we went to the two outdoor markets. Thank goodness for hotel umbrellas!

Another tradition I have started is that when I travel now, I always try to pick up a bracelet from wherever I am. The one I picked up in China (which took forever to find!) is second from the bottom. It has a dragon and a phoenix both swirling towards the middle and has a really cool twisted technique on the back. I love having my own little modern charm bracelet riding around with me every day! (In the photo you can also see ones from Philly, Dallas, Chicago and my dress-finding mission with the girls in Seattle!)


2 responses to “Shanghai Markets

  1. Hi Erin! This is your cousin Kelly. Just wanted to let you know I love reading your blog, especially posts about your travels. This one reminded me of going to markets in London with you, Nik, and Grandma. So fun! Loved seeing you for my graduation, and hopefully we can catch up and get a drink or something in your new hood in September! Summer up there must be fantastic.
    ❤ Kelly

  2. Such an amazing trip! That squirrel is so cute!!! and the turtles too. Love the bracelet souvenir idea.

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