Philly :: Part One

So after I finished up in DC, I hopped the train at Union Station and headed on over to Philly. We were all getting in on Monday for work, so I decided to just take the train over. I love riding trains, so I was really excited about this opportunity. I also met a really interesting man on the train sitting next to me that had very fitting/timely advice even though he knew nothing about me…

At the top of the “Rocky” steps at the Philadelphia museum of Art (see next post for more on that…)

We ended up scoring tickets to the Phillie’s game trough a coworker’s friend and were right behind home plate! The fanatic was my favorite!

I found a batting helmet full of ice cream, and can I say, the lady who made it was so pro: she built it like a crater and filled the whole center with caramel! (I didn’t even come close to eating it all)

Does awesome illuminted type need an explanation?

We went to “Iron Chef” Morimoto’s sushi restaurant for dinner one night… this was our plate before…. and…


What trip to Philly is complete without some good ole cheez whiz?!

I loved Philly. It was my first time in the city, and everyone was so nice and the food was fantastic. It helps being on a trip with someone who used to live in the city! My coworker Jarod was a great guide for delicious eats, and we had a blast. I can’t wait to get back sometime soon!


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