Hello Lovelies!

I have spent the last 2 days here in DC with my wonderful aunt Teri, sightseeing, visiting museums and catching up. It being my first trip to our nation’s capitol, I had so much to take in and am still surprised at the amount we tackled!

The crochet Coral Reef at the Natural History Smithsonian Museum. (google this, it’s incredible what they did!)

Giant T-Rex head above me at the Natural History Smithsonian Museum.

Really great exhibit on the First Ladies of the United States at the American History Smithonian Museum.

Michelle Obamas Inaguration dress donated by Jason Wu himself!

Delicious Sangria at Jaleo, one of my new favorite restaurants on earth.

The National Cathedral as seen from the trolley window (with storm clouds rolling in on Easter Sunday).

Delightful little dessert in Georgetown at Leopold’s (I’d highly reccomend them as they have an incredible patio down some back stairs on the canal.

Disco the Sphinx (hairless!) who has been one of my many cuddle buddies at night this weekend!

One of the two kittens (Colby and Cheddar of course) that my aunt currently has at her house. They are BEYOND adorable.

Overall it has been a fantastic trip to DC, and I couldn’t have asked for better weather. Great food, great company, and amazing sights have been seen. Now it’s time to go pack back up and catch my train to Philly!




4 responses to “DC

  1. Um those cats are crazy!!! hahaha!!! CUTE. Glad your trip is off to a grand start! Miss you!

  2. Fun! DC is one of my favorite places.

  3. Oh, sweetie, it was my pleasure to share the weekend and the experiences with you! Thanks for this lovely post! If you use the link to my blog, furrydancecats.blogspot.com, your friends can see more fun pix of the cats than on my website, too 🙂

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