Valentines Day is coming!

I love Valentines Day. I never used to, but I do now because D and I have a little tradition where we can’t actually buy eachother gifts. The rule is you have to make them. This takes the financial, superficial pressure off, and makes it kind of a fun game. I also love Valentines Day because I have the best girlfriends ever. I’d like to think that they are my Valentines just as much!

We all know I love Kate Spade, and they always do the cutest things around Holidays like this. This year they just launched the site B MINE. You may have already seen it mentioned over on Oh Joy! because she was one of the lovely ladies to design an e-card for them (hers is above!).

Head on over and check it out, below is the list of designers, as well as a few more examples of my favorites ❤

Get over to B MINE to send some cards and justtake in the fun design-work!





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