Cheers to 2011!

[Image found on Jessie Baylin’s Tumblr]

And with that, I will spring into this new year with some thing I cannot WAIT to improve and tackle. I get a little too ambitious with my to=do lists sometimes, so I will intend to keep this one brief for your sake!

My 11 Points of Focus for 2011:

1. Don’t take things so personal. I tend to over-think everything and that is the cause of 75% of my stress. I would have more hair, less grey and a much happier self if I didn’t read into everything that other people did.

2. Give myself enough time to stay organized. Prioritize time to keep things clean and organized as I work, instead of always thinking I should just wait and tackle it when I have time. It’s easier to focus and quicker to navigate when everything is in it’s own place and easy to find!

3. Slow Down. Prioritize what actually deserves the stress, and hand it out accordingly. I’m missing the important stuff by being so stressed about things that don’t matter in the big picture. Recognize the difference.

4. Make more things at home. Whether mending clothing that needs it, creating something completely new, or just making things to stay inspired. DO IT MORE.

5. Trust your gut. It tends to be right more often than I’d like to admit, so I just need to trust it.

6. Be a better lactose-intolerant. Stop cheating, that’s why I always feel so terrible and I know it.

7. Read more. I always say this, but it never stays a habit. It won’t become a habit unless I enforce it better.

8. Buy less, but better quality. It’s ok to grab an “of-the-moment” look at Forever 21, H&M, etc. but when they are supposed to be wardrobe staples, or footwear, hunt for an incredible deal on something that will last. 9 times out of 10 I can find something of great quality on a sale that puts it into the price zone of those other brands, yet it will last 10x longer.

9. Make better purchases. Stop buying things that I am in lust with, and only buy things I’m in love with. Know the difference.

10. Be easier on myself. I tend to be a hyper-critical person when it comes to myself. It’s so easy to compare yourself to everyone else these days when you have access to everyone else 24/7. Stop focusing on them and start focusing on me and things I want to change, and not feel the need to change for the wrong reasons.

11. Learn to say no. I miss out on doing things that I really want to do because I am doing things I feel obligated to do. I need to be more selfish and not allow myself to do things I have no interest/investment in, let alone stress out over them.

What are you lovelies looking forward to in 2011? I have a dear friend getting married (and I’m in it!), some fun projects starting up at work, and a whole lot of momentum to get me going into it all! Cheers to 2011, and everything it has planned for us.




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