Lust List :: Kate Spade Edition

Oh Kate Spade… you always know how to get me, just when I’m convinced I’m not girly in the slightest. Some of these are a tad expensive, yet somehow it makes me want them more…. check out what I’m lusting over currently.

Asymmetrical? Subtle Holiday Flair? Sign me up.

Kate Spade $75

Old-timey pen necklace, a la Joan. And in red!

Kate Spade $45

I have become quite obsessed with the Idiom bracelets as many of you know. They have the great little reminders in them, and I love the simplicty of the gold on this one, as well as the “This year I will…” message. This year I plan to take on the world, along with a few other obstacles, and this would be the perfect jumping point. Anyone else?

Kate Spade $48

Those are just a few of my drool-worthy finds on there. More Lust Listing to come as the holidays creep closer and I’m in search of great gifts for others (and attempting not to splurge myself). Hope you are all staying warm out there, it’s getting nasty out here!



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