North Carolina…

So I’m on the road again (hence the lack of posting recently)! This time on a 10 day trip with three stops: North Carolina, Boston and Chicago. I’m pretty excited and having a great time! I thought I would update you dolls with a few snapshots while on the road however, before I head out into Boston for the day.

So here are a few shots from our last few days in Chapel Hill, NC:

The library on the campus of UNC. A gorgeous day on a gorgeous campus!

Best late-night chicken and biscuits spot ever.

“Lizard Chips” aka deep friend pickles!

Suki, the most adorable girl we ran across while on campus at UNC. I couldn’t get over how cute she was and her neon green bike!

Now that I have a real internet connection, I will be posting more. Today is our first day in Chicago so we are going to go out and sight-see/shop a bit!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!



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