A brief jaunt in Boston

We didn’t have a very long stay in Boston either, but we sure were determined to pack a bunch in! We met up with some friends, did some exploring, and of course a bit of shopping. We also got stuck in a torrential downpour which is always a good time.


It was greta to see my good friend Ryan from back in college, and finally get to see what the heck he’s doing over here. Thanks to Ryan and Zach for taking the day off to show us around the city!


The fog looked really cool on the skyscrapers that were tall enough to disappear.


A rainbow of Hunter boots down at the Tannery.


Our tour guides (the boys over at Second World Design) taking us through Harvard’s campus. It was POURING.


The shoe on the statue of John Harvard. They says it’s good luck if you rub it and apparently everyone believes that… Loving the gold from all of the people touching it!


Boston was a good time for sure, but it’s always hard when you only have one full day in a city. We’ve been hopping around a lot this trip, so I’m excited to have 5 full days in Chicago now… Let the adventures begin!




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