H&M is finally coming… are you ready?


With the date quickly apporaching, I figured I should probably do a legitimate post on here for those of you who don’t follow my ramblings on twitter. On Tuesday The Neat Sheet reported the “official” opening and details about it on their blog over here. But for the quick details… here goes.


H&M Portland Opening
Thursday, November 11
Pioneer Place, 700 S.W. Fifth Avenue; 503-228-5800


The Pioneer Place location will be the real deal too. With the three levels they have boarded off currently, they are reported to open with Mens, Women’s, Children’s, Lingerie, Accessories, Maternity and Denim. Excited yet? I’ll just go ahead and take the poncho to start…. ok? Great.


The Fall Collection looks amazing (I”m sure many of you have spied it already on the blogs as I have), and that comes conveniently before the drop of the Lanvin collab. Think we’ll see any of it? I sure hope so!




Read more in their article here.


[Images via nitrolicious]


2 responses to “H&M is finally coming… are you ready?

  1. That Last pic, I could see Darrin wearing that. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the 411, Erin 🙂 This is very helpful.

    I’m getting pretty excited, and I can’t wait to take my little sis up there to shop 🙂

    LOVE YA!

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