Taipei Market finds

I have been looking for a cool new watch for awhile, and the one I recently got from Target was a killer deal (clearance), yet has already been falling apart on this trip already. Although the market in Taipei was huge and had a lot of the same stuff over and over, there were a few diamonds in the rough. Apparently the market here, now that we are in Taichung, will have more hand-crafted items, local items, and not as much clothing from shrink wrapped bags…

Here are some photos from the market in taipei, which included all kinds of foul smelling food, shops of clothes, etc.

My favorite deal so far was this great watch though. I have been wanting a tonal watch for a while now, but wasn’t sure if I could do the all gold look. This is PERFECT solution because even though it’s all metal, it’s all brown! I was so excited, and even haggled for the first time and got it for $300NT (roughly $9.32) Check it out… thought it was fun and unique…

I absolutely love the face on it…

I’ll keep you posted now that we are here in TaiChung, we are headed to the big night market here tonight, which apparently has more handcrafted things, etc.


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