spotted : h&m in portland

I know we all saw the news reports flying around months back about H&M coming to Portland, and that it wold replace the Saks currently residing in Pioneer Place. Well, I officially saw the posters up for it, even though Saks isn’t all the way out yet! Looks like it will take up the full three stories, have the outdoor entrance, and be conveniently next to Forever 21! Give me yet another reason to not use any other entrance, will ya?

I’m excited for the new addition, but have mixed feelings about it. I liked H&M when it was a treat whenever you traveled. It just felt more special that way maybe? Don’t worry, I guarantee you’ll see more to come on here from them… I won’t be able resist it if it’s here!

What do you lovelies think? Will you be shopping there and eagerly awaiting Fall 2010?


One response to “spotted : h&m in portland

  1. Me! Me! Me! I’m excited! Surprises me that it will be 3 floors. That’s a whole lotta H&M.

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