gilt finds

I am one of those people who signs up for those bargain sites… but, I’ll admit it, never buys anything. So here I am to confess… I finally did it! I was terrified, but when the item arrived, it looked way better in person than online, and it was an insane deal!

I can’t share what I got… due to the fact that it was not for me, but a gift. But I will share with you some other things I am now eyeing because of the success…

I can just imagine how adorable these would be with little summer dresses and rolled up pants!

Great deal right? Well Gilt also has a Men’s section now (which D just scored a GREAT Public School Top from), a Jetsetter Section (luxury vacations at sometimes insane rates… sometimes still expensive for lil ol me!), a home section, and Gilt Fuse (featuring lower cost brands like American Aparrel, etc)

If you want to take a look, here is the link to join. Free to join, but be warned… it’s incredibly tempting with some of the sales they have had lately! I’ve been a member for over a year and am now looking at my first and second purchases within 2 weeks of each other!


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