she & him

This weekend was an interesting one for sure… but there were a few shining spots tucked in there. We went down to Grants Pass and saw my parents, which is always great. Pickles got another road trip in, Darrin saw the Boatnik parade in all of its glory, we saw some of my amazing extended family, and even trekked over to Bend to catch a show and see some friends.

Needless to say it was action-packed, and unfortunately my camera was barely out. I did snap a few photos however of She & Him over in Bend on Sunday evening. It poured rain on us, and it was entirely outdoors. Thank goodness we are both native Oregonians and enjoyed ourselves almost alittle more that way. We made an umbrella tent and enjoyed our bottle of wine anyways.

And did I mention Zoey was even more adorable in person? She was.

I hope you all had a fun, eventful Holiday!


2 responses to “she & him

  1. Ah Zooey!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time friend! Can we have three-day-weekends all the time? Sigh… and hey, I hope to see you soooooooon. Miss you, like, A LOT.

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