american apparel rummage sale

You all saw the post I did leading up to the sale… and we all know how excited I was for thsi event last time. Honestly? I was disappointed this time. It was so big that there was almost too much stock.


Lots of product

More lines for checkout

Great deals when you found them

Rotation of product so there was no “morning rush”


Lack of Men’s merchandise

Repetitive product due to the abundance of stuff, and the way it was unboxed

Limited color palette

Organziation of boxes was so bad I eventually gave up

Lots of dirty/damaged clothes

Final Conclusion: If you had a good amount of free time that weekend, it was worth the trip so you could have time to dig, and revisit. They offered to call you if the item you didn’t find was unboxed the next day, I just wasn’t willing to go back into the zoo for it, having a pretty packed weekend!

Anyone else have good finds that went? I’m curious to see what else showed up! Here is my favorite find…

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