sample sale!

Thanks to a tip form the darling Miss Winnie; D and I moseyed on up to the super fun sample sale in NW on Saturday. See the flyer below.

Up at 18th and Upshur, I found my new favorite brand.

I swear to you, everything on the Lifetime rack caught my eye. One dress in particular was literally what I would have designed given the chance. So great!  See below for pics of the dress, and a skirt coming up in the next outfit post was from there too! I made off with  two dresses, a super soft sweater tank, and a heavy knitted skirt.. all for $60! $15 a peice! Needless to say I was pumped…. and it restored my faith after teh giant FAIL that was the American Apparel sale the day before…

This dress was my favorite find. I already know I will get tons of miles out of it. Paired it up with some cute Target ankle boots and off to Mike’s birthday we went, that same night!


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