american apparel rummage sale

So some of you may have picked up on the fact that a few of my items are from an “American Apparel Sample Sale” and it was suggested that I post about these on my blog… so Winnie my love, this one is for you! Hot off the presses I just received word that they will indeed be hosting another AA Rummage Sale here in Portland, only this time in the Convention Center over on MLK, making me think it will be bigger than the one at PSU last fall. They are even taking requests for specific items, all via their facebook event here.

Trust me friends, this is not to be missed.

Here is the price list from last time, as well as a shot I took quickly (from my phone, so don’t judge). Keep in mind all dresses were $10, T’s $6, Hoodies $12, etc.

And a few more pics form other cities that they have posted on the facebook page.

My advice?

1. Don’t freak out if you aren’t there early, in fact I don’t think it’s worth waiting in line when they open. Although they were out of some styles early, they replenish as the day/days go on… so don’t think you are out of luck if you are working, etc. I went back twice last year and found different stuff each time.

2. Be ready to dig and don’t be shy. I fyou haven’t been to an event like this before, it can get hairy… carry with you what you want until you are sure you don’t want it or it’ll get snatched up and you’ll be sad!

3. Wear something that is easy to try stuff on over. Leggings or tight fitting things are great since they have no dressing rooms. It may be $10 or so a piece, but it adds up quick when you get home and it doesn’t fit!

So good luck lovelies… and I’ll definitely see you in line.

6 responses to “american apparel rummage sale

  1. So, I’ll see yous guys there 🙂 This juuuust happens to be my cherished furlow day and I am taking full advantage.

  2. Of course Winnie! Just trying to spread the love… as well as have other buddies in line! 🙂

    Barnesy you were the best partner in crime ever last time… I’m counting on you again this time. The Starbucks wasn’t even worth it last time! We left it by the wall!

  3. I was there for that! Got some good stuff too! Couple of things I’ll do different this time is 1) leave my purse at home and 2) drink my Starbucks faster. They took up valuable hand space!

    Good lookin’ out Minty!

  4. thanks doll!!! I love me a good sale!

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