victoria’s secret spree!

I’m sure most of you received the “Secret Rewards” card if you visited Victoria’s Secret anytime in the last month. I had made on online order with a gift card from my parents (still from Christmas!) and with that received not only free shipping, but free lipgloss and a “Secret Rewards” card. [Sidenote: As you can tell I love searching out the offer codes, and know quite well that you can only use up to three at a time] Well, as fate would have it my order, like almost everything in the summer line on their site, had multiple things backordered. I’m still waiting for items even now. The good thing about that? Everytime they had to ship an item by itself it came with ANOTHER rewards card!

For those of you not familiar with this card, it can be worth anywhere from $10-$500 and you don’t find out until you use it how much it’s worth. Well I now had accumulated four of these cards, as well as a $10 giftcard for using my Angels card. That’s at least $50, and over half of what I even paid for the original order! Only catch I found out? You can use only 1 Rewards card per order… wah wah. Still $10 you wouldn’t have had before!

So here are a few things I purchased with my cards (one item per order of course!):

Yes, this is the little dress I have been swooning over forever! And on sale for $29, it was only $19 with one of the cards! (And yes, I chose black after all)

I also bought two of these great comfy looking pocket tees, 2/$30, now 2/$20!

The Essential Tank is on sale currently for 2/$22… hello $11 duo! I (of course) picked up Mint and Navy.

This cute High-waisted skirt is from the PINK line, and I can’t wait to start trying it in different combos! $29.50, now only $19.50 for me!

So all-in-all, I think I did pretty well! I can’t wait for these little gems to come in the mail along just in time for sunny weather. Unfortunately the orders claim to be scheduled to arrive on April 14th, and I leave the evening of the 13th! So let’s keep our fingers crossed for speedy deliver 😉


2 responses to “victoria’s secret spree!

  1. Yes! I am actually wearing the skirt today, and already received the dress as well! they are quick! 🙂

  2. oo love the dress and the skirt, need to check this out!

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