weekend deals :: F21

So I had a few things I was looking to pick up before my trip to Coachella (some cutoffs, sunglasses, etc.) and let’s just say I took care of that on Sunday! After getting a much needed pedicure with the one and only, Miss Barnes we ran down to Forever 21 for a quick shopping trip. Not fully prepared for what I was walking into I ended up coming out with two bags full! Oh geez… Well… here is the run down.

For a grand total of $137.20 I walked out with the following:

2 necklaces (one came with earrings)

A set of 5 stacking rings

1 set of bobby pins with cute details

2 hats

3 pairs of shorts

2 tops

1 purse

1 tote bag

1 tin of lip gloss

Here are some of my favorites…

Glasses Necklace $3.80

Floppy Sun Hat $10.80

Pocket Shorts $17.80

Fun Minty Shorts $10.80

Cute Tote Bag $3.80 (and actually a perfect size and thick canvas!)

Those are just a few of the items… I don’t want to bore you too much, but it just goes to show that a little can go a long ways with good timing and the patience to dig around 😉 I was a little disappointed that the shoes AND sunglasses I previously blogged about were not in store, but as you can see I found alternatives!

For the record, the above items total $47 on the dot. Not bad to get all of that for under $50!


One response to “weekend deals :: F21

  1. Yay for matching glasses necklaces!! And I’m glad you liked the sunglasses I picked out for you!

    Happy Bargaining!

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