lust list :: coachella/la trip

So coming up in April, I will be heading out to my first ever music festival! Luckily it is for a work trip, but we will be hitting Coachella, as well as spending a few days in LA beforehand. I’m beyond excited, and all I can think about is the sunny weather and fun clothing options that don’t include wool socks and pea-coats. So I decided I’d put together my little wish-list… Hot On A Dime style (aka affordable… and not solely for lusting!). Let me know what you think!

These little shoes are super cute and I am final for the first time in my life into florals… but only in a micro-print, on an unconventional canvas… like a mens’s dress show… and they fold down even!

$29.80 Forever 21

These great aviators… Love the minty green and that they aren’t totally mirrored. I have a pair from them that I love…

$5.80 Forever 21

Another fun pair of shades from Forever 21… love the pattern. For this cheap, you could buy two in different styles, let’s be honest they might possibly break 😉

$5.80 Forever 21

This cute little dress looks so relaxed and comfortable… I could see it with my strappy sandals I love, or even apair of boots, aviators and a ponytail. Perfect for rolling in and out of different types of events and staying cool!

$47.99 Modcloth

I’ve been obsessed with this little dress for a bit now. We all know I love love love anything slouchy and off the shoulders, but I always suffer from losing my waist in it all. What better answer for a fun summery solution? Hardest part? Deciding between the minty color and the black for me…

$29 Victoria’s Secret

Anyhow… those are just a few things I’ve been lusting for recently. Especially with the upcoming sunny weather and sunny-weather-geared-trip! Aren’t you excited that the sun is getting a little less bashful these days?!


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