daily candy :: swirl

So I’m sure most of you have heard about (and love) Daily Candy. Their site is great when going to a new city and looking for fun sample sales, new boutiques, etc. Well the lovelies behind Daily Candy have just created their very own Sample Sale website: Swirl! These sites seem to be spreading like wildfire, and being someone who is signed up for many, too many (ie. Gilt, Rue la la, idelli, Swirl, etc.) I find it hard to sort through the mix. The great thing about Swirl? What makes it different you may ask?  It’s extremely edited. I don’t feel like it’s anything with a big name attached that is on sale, sometimes that takes so much sifting! PLus it’s only one sale a day generally, maybe less. Usually it consists of smaller labels at over half off. It doesn’t hurt the design of the site is easy on the eyes…

The site of current sales now (remember this is their beta site so far):

Check out some of their deals on the site now:

I’d kill for the little red/navy romper! So cute! You have to act fast though, they sell out quick! If you are a member of Daily Candy’s mailing list (which is always good tips) you get an invitation to the site for free… no way to invite others to join yet that I can find.


One response to “daily candy :: swirl

  1. We’ve opened the floodgates…and it’s going swimmingly! To sign up for Swirl by DailyCandy just go to: http://bit.ly/bpisHn

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