happy list

[via Le Love]

So I love the blog The Rockstar Diaries, and she has been doing something fun lately that I really enjoy. She has had various people do a “happy list” of things that genuinely make them happy. I decided I really like this, and have decided to do one myself!

1 Color

2 When Pickles stretches out super long when she first gets out of her crate at lunch.

3 Bright red lips on dark haired girls.

4 That perfect pair of sunglasses that make you feel untouchable and cool

5 Legitimately loving my job so much, sometimes I’m jealous of myself

6 Love graffitti

7 When my boyfriend just grabs my feet and gives me a foot rub, even when I haven’t asked for one

8 Waking up in our loft when the early sun is streaming in the windows

9 Finding new ways to prove color design is a real career path, not a springboard

10 The joy of making something with my own two hands

11 Cruiser bicycles

12 Knowing that just one person out there may see this blog and be inspired to not give up hope to have their own style just because they don’t have a disposable income

13 Balloons

14 Finding that item you have looked for forever, yet gave up on ever finding

15 Oversized accessories

What would your list be? All of a sudden it gets so hard to choose… but that’s a good thing I guess!

2 responses to “happy list

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  2. Thanks for Minty 🙂

    I want you to know that I AM #12. You do truly inspire me to keep exploring, and not be afraid to try something new.

    I love you.

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