I love my friends.

I sometimes forget (but not ever for too long) what incredible friends I have. I’m not sure how I got so lucky, as I am generally such an unlucky [person, but I am srrounded by incredible people. It’s been a super rough week on this side, and actually for quite a few of my friends as well. While I was browsing my dear friend Emily’s blog earlier today this really picked me up.

Thanks Em.

In case you have never crossed Em’s blog, check it out. It’s called  A work in progress and I absolutely adore it, especially during weeks like this.


2 responses to “I love my friends.

  1. I took a peek : )

  2. I love YOU.
    So happy the weekend is here to help you relax, and guess what!? the SUN has come out to play too!

    Thanks for being MY incredible friend sweet lady.


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