Getting Crafty

So this weekend D had signed me up for a handbag construction class out at Oregon College of Arts and Crafts (it was one of my Christmas gifts!). SO I set out with an open mind, not really knowing what to expect, but thought that this might be a great opportunity to learn a new craft and save money making really great bags myself (and heartache when I can’t find the ones I picture in my head).

The class was definitely geared more towards “purses” so to speak… and crafty ones, but luckily the teacher allowed us to adapt our patterns however we felt inclined to, and thus I decided to make a clutch. A nice, architectural almost, brightly colored clutch. I’m not sure she had encoutered working on a design quite like this before, and we worked through some issues toegther, but it was really great too learn the construction techniques, as well as the details on how to put together something like this myself. I think it will be useful as I have already purchased the supplies again and plan on attempting round two this weekend (let’s just put it out there… you could tell this was round one).

Stay tuned for the next experiments… maybe you’ll see them pop up in outfits soon!

And of course I forgot to take a finished photo… But you can get the gist-of-it from that last shot 😉


3 responses to “Getting Crafty

  1. love the new blog layout. WordPress does seem so much better than Blogspot…. oh well for me.

    Pretty clutch! J’dore the yellow.

  2. This looks legit for sure! Nice work lady! What’s next? A bag to tote Pickles around in? haha!

  3. I’m in love with your fabric choices.
    And my friend, if this is how your first try is looking (sooo good), I can’t wait to see how it will keep on getting better! You surely have the eye and the touch.

    Here’s a to another weekend for experimenting and creating! 🙂


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