Falling Whistles

I went to an event last night with some friends down at Lizard Lounge. It was a fundraiser for an organization called Falling Whistles. They are a super grassroots group helping fight for peace in Congo, especially for the children. You can read more about them at their website. A truly incredible cause.

What’s really great as well, is the way they are raising money. They are selling these really great whistles and all of the proceeds go to help fight for their cause. I’m wearing mine today, and it’s been a great conversation piece. They range from $30-$100 based on the finish. What a cool idea right? I absolutely adore mine!


3 responses to “Falling Whistles

  1. Thanks for coming! We had a blast in Portland!

  2. This is quite a story that the world should hear. Instead we hear of fashion design and who will be breaking up with who in their bad marriage. I support missionaries in Swaziland where children also are abused and dieing from the aids their fathers gave them. It is sad and I hope everyone finds a way to help the children of this world.

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