Back to the root of it all…

So this weekend in a discussion with D, he pointed out how ADD my blog has become. I had originally started it for exactly what the name alludes to: Hot on a dime. To show how it is possible to look and feel great, on a very little budget (such as my life has been and will be for awhile). Being something that people generally associate with me as the thrifty little bargain-hunter that I am, I wanted to share so that others could believe it’s possible as well.

So I apologize for the blogging ADD, and I’m back with some style-savvy and always budget conscious finds. Not that I will promise that puppy posts may pop up from time-to-time… she’s that cute and we are only 12 days away 🙂

Stay Tuned.

[Image via Le Love]

One response to “Back to the root of it all…

  1. hey girly 🙂

    I was just looking at your recent fashion posts… so neat!
    I love your ADD blogging, and I’m looking forward to your puppy posts, BUT I’m also glad you’ll be going to your original idea. I can’t wait to see more 🙂

    love you always.

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