The Perfect Solution

Being the aspiring little dressmaker that I am, I have been trying to learn Fashion Illustartion for a bit now. I have encountered only one problem: Time. I just don’t have the time to sit down and read these books I have bought and practice. Sounds terrible I know, but these days I feel like I barely have time to breathe!

Not to fret friends, I have found the perfect solution! Enter stage left: The Fashionflat Sketchpad. It’s a sketchpad with hairline body-forms (read: they won’t show up when scanned or photocopied)  printed onto a nice substantial cardstock. It gives you a front and back view, as well as little areas for notes, scribbles and details. And how cute is their name… Hokey Croquis?!

I love the little details they have thought of as well, like the ribbon closure to keep sketches form falling out (they are perforated pages to allow you to be mobile). And how cute is the color pop?

So check Hokey Croquis out… for only $14.95 I am going to have to get my paws on one soon!

One response to “The Perfect Solution

  1. Hi there!
    So glad that you like our new product!
    We’d love for you to subscibe to our newsletter, and for sure join our new ‘Runway’ section where you call display your designs!

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