So the boyfriend and I have been on a mission to catch more movies lately as we have been terrible at it and there are so many out right now that look fantastic! The first one we went for was Nine, one that we both agreed upon which was exciting! And can I just say, it was beautiful! The story may not have been as strong, but I am sure that’s because they spent all of that extra time finding beaitiful women and making them beautiful costumes!

Check out a few images below…

I must say my favorite of the women was his wife. She had this incredible Audrey Hepburn essence to her that is undeniable. Played by Marion Cotillard… loved her!

My favorite of the outfits however was Kate Hudson. She has always been one of my movie star favorites, but she just plays that 70’s glam role so well! I love the sparkles in the whole scene, even how they film the champagne being sprayed at the end!

Not to say the other women weren’t all beautiful as well, come on… with a roster like this?! Interesting enough I found an article saying that originally Catherine Zeta-Jones was cast for the role of Claudia (played by Nicole Kidman) and pulled out. What a different movie that would have been!

Check out this incredible making-of video I found over on as well!

(I had to include the link because it wouldn’t embed for some reason, I swear it’s worth the click!)


One response to “Nine

  1. Amazing, exotic, fun, friendly…what fun to be an actress, young and thin (or be Annie L!)

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