It’s official!

So… the moment we’ve been waiting for for over a year now has finally come! We have chosen a puppy! Sorry to be so late to update the blog about it, it wouldn’t allow me to upload photos for some reason, and this post really needed photos 😉

On our one year anniversary, this is what I opened as my gift!

After almost three months of searching every shelter from Seattle to the California border online and in person, we ended up going to a local breeder. It was too heartbreaking to continue on the hunt in the shelters as every time I would find a dog and call on her to schedule a visit she’d already be gone. Who knew it was so hard to adopt a puppy?

So we decided on a little female Basset Hound from Carter’s Hound Dog Ranch in Falls City, Oregon. We went down to visit and check out the breeder and property on December 23rd, and chose are little girl then. I was nervous to see the conditions of the dogs/how they were kept as I was very set on getting a shelter dog. But I was very pleased to see how much this couple realy loves their dogs and keep them in very good conditions.

So here is our little one on the first visit. She kept making grunting noises and it was incredibly adorable.

The breeder is so sweet that each week they send us an update with new photos of her as she grows, and how she is doing. This week her eyes opened and you can see how her markings are changing…

Sorry for the tiny pic, but it’s what they sent us. I can’t wait to watch her grow and change as we go down to visit before we pick her up! We’ll be able to pick her up the Friday of Valentine’s weekend!


One response to “It’s official!

  1. Awww, so glad to see pix and hear more about her! And glad she’s a girl…those boys need to wear tighty whities, with all their dangly bits! I will surf the web and send you any good links I find, but I just got a new book (yes, a dog book but it will help me talk about vet issues to clients) called “Speaking for Spot, Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life” and I would recommend getting it. It will help you be a more educated veterinary client and take the best care of your new dog, too.

    Ps: and what a tender anniversary gift, too!

    It sure was great seeing you and drinking those “Randys”

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