My 5 picks for $65 or less

So every year I compile a wish list and never even end up telling anyone. I’m a list person though, I LOVE making lists.

So, in honor of my listmaking neurosis, here goes. If I could have a credit card and be allowed to only pick out a few things for myself this holiday season, these would be the lucky few, and they all just so happen to be $65 and under!

Gorgeous grey boots, care of Modcloth here. $54.99

This great bracelet by Kate Spade. I just love the idea of a Red Letter day… $65

This great alternative to the black PeaCoat. $64.99

These adorable jars are only $5 a piece, how cute are they? I’d love to use them to store all of my spices in so they didn’t fall over in my cupboard like they do now!

This sweet Message in a Bottle set would make a romantic decor piece in our bookshelf. Only $7.95!

So needless to say, I think you can really get a great gift for anyone this year, without breaking the bank. I have been feeling under a lot of pressure for gifts this year, so I have opted to make all of the gifts for my girlfriends. I will make sure to show you how that turns out (let’s hope it turns out!) but not too soon to give it away, every once in awhile one or two of them peek on here šŸ˜‰

So happy shopping, crafting, creating, or whatever else you are doing this year for gifts… just remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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