Being an artist, and having a degree in Art History, it’s pretty terrible that I have never been to some of the incredible museums this country has to offer. While in NYC this last time I got the chance to visit the MoMa, which was a dream come true.

It was the opening day for the Bauhaus exhibit which I had no idea, what a great suprise!

A great neon install in the lobby.

My favorite artist (Jackson Pollock has an entire room devoted to his brilliance. I probably spent a good 20 minutes trying to assure myself that I really was standing in front of a canvas his hand touched, and that yes, I was indeed standing there looking at it.

I also came across a few pieces I had never seen by some of my favorites, like this print by Sagmeister.

Needless to say, it was an incredibly inspiring experience. Anyone who hasn’t been (although I may be the last remaining person who hasn’t) HAS to go experience it. Artist or other, it’s an incredible feeling seeing these larger than life pieces by the greats of our times. And try to get in before the Bauhaus stuff is gone, it’s incredible and has some really great “studies” they did whole preparing curriculum for their classes including the works of Paul Klee, Josef Albers, Annie Albers and more. Quick, go!


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