Apparently I need to shop in NYC

I know I have over-posted a bit about my trip & findings… but bear with me. I am fully convinced of the shopping power of NYC. Many things that have been on my list of wants/NEEDS 😉 were found there and far cuter/more affordable than expected! A fruitful trip none-the-less!
Long-time list that has been fulfilled:
Cute red winter coat: Every since watching Love Actually years ago, I decided I needed a cute red coat too. I have never found one in the right cut, or the right price range (weird how those two things avoid each other)… until now! Thank you Uniqlo, my new favorite shopping destination!

Opaque Orange Tights: Needed crucially for Beaver games, and even more so now that I have Oregon State Alumni functions to attend occasionally. Who knew I’d have to fly across the country in order to not by them in the Halloween section? Thanks once more Uniqlo!
A new transition purse: I needed a purse that was sturdy this time (sorry old purse, your fake leather started to flake off & I got dirty looks walking into Miu Miu) and that was a neutral tone, without being dull and boring. H&M to the rescue with my new bag. With a flat bottom it never falls over & dumps. Has an easy-access external pocket with zipper, as well as a main top zipper for riding the train, etc.! Trust me the photo doesn’t do it justice!

Japanese Masking Tape: As you saw in the last post… the super fun masking tape I hadn’t been able to track down!

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